AfriLabs 2021 - 2031 Strategic Plan

I am excited to present to you our 2021-2031 strategic document, “Building A Thriving Innovation Economy - Setting Africa up for Success.” This document presents our stories, our learnings and successes and our aspirations. It shares the goals we have set for ourselves to ensure that Africa realises her potential to be a global leader of innovation. The past year, leading up to our 10th Anniversary, has been an exciting journey for the AfriLabs team. We have had honest conversations that have helped us take stock of our last decade of operation. It has been an exciting ride! We have experienced tremendous growth as a team and as a community, and we have been impacted positively by great partnerships along the way. We have also seen the immense resilience of our community, as we battled with the negative effects of a global pandemic, overcoming and shining through with increased innovativeness, community support for each other and a collaboration towards a common cause.

Anna Ekeledo
AfriLabs Executive Director