AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation hubs with over 130 members across 36 countries, will be be holding the 4th edition of its AfriLabs Annual Gathering in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 28th – 30th October, 2019. The theme of this year’s Gathering is ‘Connect:Towards an Integrated Innovation Ecosystem’ and it will be […]

AfriLabs calls for reversal of the Twitter ban in Nigeria

To build a sustainable innovation economy that solves national issues while improving the economic welfare of the citizens, governments must play their role by providing forward-thinking policies that create a suitable and stable environment for entrepreneurs and individuals to thrive. AfriLabs is a community of over 250 innovation enablers, entrepreneurs and tech talents in 49 […]

2021 AfriLabs Annual Gathering to now be held in Nigeria

Considering developments with the global COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainties caused by new air travel restrictions, the AfriLabs Board has decided to move this year’s Annual Gathering to Nigeria. “For reasons beyond our control, we are unable to hold the AfriLabs Annual Gathering in Marrakech as originally planned. To avoid the long process of opening up […]

Country in Focus – Cameroon “Africa in Miniature”

To highlight the ever-growing and diversified community of the AfriLabs network, we are pleased to introduce our new series on our community and their impact in their respective countries. As one of the fast-rising innovation communities in Africa, Cameroon has 2 unique systems; the Anglophone and the Francophone Ecosystem – a reflection of Africa’s diversity […]

Construire une communauté permettant aux innovateurs de prospérer en Afrique ; AfriLabs accueille 28 nouveaux membres, fait son entrée dans 7 nouvelles villes et 1 nouveau pays

Conformément à notre vision de soutenir l’innovation sur le continent, nous avons accueilli 28 nouveaux hubs dans notre réseau ! Nous sommes actuellement présents dans 7 nouvelles villes et un nouveau pays, les Comores. Cela porte le nombre de nos membres à un total de 268 hubs d’innovation dans 49 pays Africains. Considérant le nombre […]