Ecosystem Insights

In collaboration with global and African organisations, AfriLabs conducts research on the state of innovation and entrepreneurship on the continent to accurately inform ecosystem interventions in Africa.

In 2019, AfriLabs and Briter Bridges conducted a quantitative and qualitative study of a hundred innovation support stakeholders (hubs) in Africa.

A needs assessment was carried out to ascertain the specific needs of ESOs, entrepreneurs and investors in Africa.

AfriLabs and Djembe Consultants developed a report on the future of African innovation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

AfriLabs and Mozilla Roundtables With African

Mozilla and AfriLabs undertook exploratory research in the form of round table discussions to better understand the African Innovation System and its needs.

A showcase of AfriLabs impact in a year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

AfriLabs and Briter Bridges collaborate to publish a second edition of the report on the state of innovation support system in Africa. This report was supported by FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank.