Senior Technology Officer, AfriLabs

AfriLabs is seeking to recruit a Senior Technology Officer responsible for technology optimization, digital transformation, innovation and product development at AfriLabs. The interested candidate will optimize technology use internally for all departmental functions, help member hubs keep up with the best technologies in their daily operations, serve as a technical reference point for technical programs/projects and optimize partner relationships with the ecosystem via innovative products.


  • Lead optimization on internal processes via tools like the intranet & salesforce.
  • Technical playbook for all departments and key initiatives.
  • Designated internal leader for AfriLabs hard and soft ware.
  • Work with hubs to launch initiatives aimed at improving their tech communities
  • Work with hubs to upgrade their hub management techs to rival global best
  • Provide technical input to concept notes, proposals, bids, and support during implementation.
  • Lead optimization of partner relationships with the ecosystem via innovative solutions like the technical pool.
  • Represent AfriLabs within the core technical community.
  • Effectively manage all stakeholders associated with assigned internal software work tools.
  • Lead the development and/or maintenance of assigned AfriLabs internal software tools.
  • Lead the procurement and maintenance of assigned AfriLabs internal hardware tools and associated software.
  • Lead development or maintenance of pan African collaborative hub solutions like AfriPass.
  • Develop new hub management tech concepts.
  • Keep up-to-date with new hub management innovations.
  • Provide technical input to concept notes, proposals, bids, and support during implementation.
  • Present AfriLabs tech innovations to partners/funders.
  • Represent AfriLabs within the core technical community.
  • Any other duties as assigned.

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

Skills, Qualifications & Abilities: 

  • Degree or relevant professional qualification (preferably in a computer science related subject) OR relevant work experience demonstrating graduate level ability.
  • About three to five years experience in an information and communications technology or computing role at a graduate level (such as research, development, testing, network security, network architecture, software or system administration or IT security).
  • Up to date knowledge of current trends and practices relating to the use of information, communications and information security technologies.
  • Good knowledge of computing sciences and IT theories, principles and practices.
  • Good analytical and research skills demonstrating an ability to identify emerging technology trends, developments and issues.
  • Good standard of literacy and effective written communication skills for producing reports, documenting research findings, writing letters and meeting notes
  • Ability to work independently with initiative and flexibility to manage high volume work flow and concurrent activities/deliverables.
  • Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to build and maintain good working relationships, both internally and externally.
  • Knowledge of threat and risk assessment processes and practices, as applied to information security.
  • Good verbal communication and presentation skills including the ability to explain technical matters to a non-technical audience

Location: Abuja, Nigeria; Physical Position (AfriLabs Secretariat).

Employment Terms​: Full-time role

Working Time/days: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Monday to Friday. 

Terms and Conditions:​ This is a locally recruited professional position by the AfriLabs Secretariat Nigerian entity and all benefits are denominated and paid in NGN as the case may be. AfriLabs’ remuneration package includes a salary paid monthly, leave provisions, pension, and health benefits.

To Apply​: Send CV and cover letter to

Application Deadline: 27th April 2022.

Senior Technology Officer, AfriLabs