AfriLabs Elects a New Board Member

The AfriLabs Annual General Meeting held on the 7th October 2020 and it was the first Virtual General Meeting due to the COVID-19. During this meeting, a new board member, Takunda Chingonzo, Founder of Tech Village Zimbabwe was elected to assume the board seat that was vacant after Nekesa Were transitioned to a new role […]

Country in Focus: Kenya “East Africa’s Money Magnet”

To highlight the ever-growing and diversified community of the AfriLabs network, we are pleased to introduce our new series on our community and their impact in their respective countries. Today’s country in focus, Kenya, is arguably the second-largest innovation ecosystem on the continent and hosts 2 of the 5 founding member hubs of the AfriLabs […]


Compte tenu de la pandémie COVID-19, de la santé et de la sauvegarde de notre communauté, la 5ème Réunion Annuelle AfriLabs aura lieu virtuellement du 12 au 14 Octobre 2020. La Réunion Annuelle AfriLabs a toujours eu lieu dans différentes villes du continent Africain en collaboration avec les gouvernements nationaux et locaux, le secteur privé et nos […]

AfriLabs admet 27 nouveaux membres et s’étend à 47 pays Africains

En accord avec sa vision d’une économie de l’innovation florissante en Afrique, menée par la puissance de sa communauté, AfriLabs a ajouté 27 nouveaux membres à son réseau, ce qui porte le nombre total de membres à 225 dans 47 pays africains. En outre, cela signifie que AfriLabs a étendu son rayon d’action à 8 […]

AfriLabs Admits 27 new members and expands to 47 African Countries

In line with its vision of a thriving innovation economy in Africa, driven by the power of its community, AfriLabs has added 27 new members to its network which brings the total number of members to 225 in 47 African Countries. Furthermore, this means that AfriLabs has extended her reach to 8 new cities and a new […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Kenyan Innovation Ecosystem

An overview of the challenges Kenya has faced following the disruption of the Global Pandemic of 2020. The first Covid-19 case in Kenya was confirmed by the Ministry of Health in Nairobi on 12th March 2020. This was followed by a period of lockdown of major cities with economic and social activities mostly brought to a halt. […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Nigerian Innovation Ecosystem

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. How did the pandemic impact Nigeria’s tech ecosystem? And what can be done to guarantee future resilience? KTN Global Alliance and AfriLabs – A synergy Early in March 2020, Africa’s Covid-19 cases by country were in the single digits, but by mid-month those numbers had spiked, leading the […]

AfriLabs and Mozilla Sign Partnership

To explore new technology ideas that will solve real-life issues. To further inform and develop sustainable solutions for the African region, AfriLabs, a pan-African network of 225 technology innovation hubs across 47 African countries, announced that it has partnered with Mozilla to convene roundtable discussions with African startups, entrepreneurs, developers and innovators. These roundtable discussions will focus on […]